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'unknown artist' in windows media player

Discussion in 'Desktop / Server Applications' started by julip, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. julip

    julip Techie7 New Member

    a couple of my cd's are showing up as 'unknown artist', even after i've done the find album info thing and typed in all the information it needs - after that it displays the titles and album titles, but not the artist, which still displays as unknown. these are genuine cd's released by the record labels, not burned ones from downloaded tracks i've made myself or anything.
    i could copy the tracks all onto the computer then edit the info, that would solve the problem, but i don't want to fill the computer up with music when i've got it on cd anyway and may as well play it from there - so if there is a way to get the tracks to recognise who they are by i'd appreciate it.
    windows XP, using windows media player version, any more info needed just ask, and i'll tell you what it says when i try any suggestions you might have
  2. DJNafey

    DJNafey UK site moderator

    Media Player will only display whatever information has been entered into the album database on the Internet. If Media Player goes onto the Internet to retrieve the data and finds that the Internet database doesn't include the artist name, then it won't be able to tell you what it is.
  3. julip

    julip Techie7 New Member

    but i've tried creating the album information when these two cd's weren't found - i typed in all of the required info, including the artist names. at the end it thanked me for sharing this information with everyone, so i presumed they'd been added to the database. after i'd done that it took the track titles and CD titles as i'd typed them, because they display, but it's left out the artist name on both. sorry, i didn't explain that in full in my first message.