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Path errors?

Discussion in 'Windows XP Help' started by Sha129, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. Sha129

    Sha129 Techie7 New Member

    :( Hi,

    I'm having a prblem with my daughters game...it was working fine and then all of a sudden it said unable to open CAL or CIF tree file, check the path in your .ini file. For some reason this is not the only game that is doing this. I've been trying to solve this problem for quite some time and I am getting soooooooo frustrated. Can someone help?? Thanks
  2. jephree

    jephree ¨*·.¸ «.·°·..·°·.» ¸.·*¨

    Is this a new problem? Were things working OK previously? Any new hardware or software?

    If this is a new problem try a System Restore to a point prior to the problem:

    start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore

    If this doesn't help then:

    Are you saying you are getting this same error opening many games? Are the games related? Same manufacturer? Same Program Files?

    Is that the full verbatim error message? unable to open CAL or CIF tree file, check the path in your .ini file.

    Any other problems with the computer or other programs?

    Have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling the game(s)?
  3. Sha129

    Sha129 Techie7 New Member


    To answer your questions.....The game was working fine yesterday and fine this morning. After my daughter was online for a while, we tried to play the game again and kept getting the error message. the complete error message was

    Unable to open CAL or CIF TREE file "Z:\ Program files\Nancy Drew\ TheCreature of Kapu Cave\Ciftree\CIFTREE.DAT". Check the path in your .ini file

    I have restored the computer to actually this morning before thai all happened. I also uninstalled and reinstalled the game several times. I was wondering why is this error message saying Z:\ When it was installed into C:\ I did a regcure and everything. I had this problem a while back, but I have totally forgotten what I did to fix it. I searched .ini files and so many things popped up, I had no idea where to go. If you or anyone can help, I'd greatly appreciate it. I feel like throwing this thing out the window....not so much for the game, but the fact that I can't fix it!!
  4. jephree

    jephree ¨*·.¸ «.·°·..·°·.» ¸.·*¨

    Is there a Z: drive listed under My Computer or Disk Management?

    Disk Management = right click My Computer then click Properties then Manage then Disk Management

    Z: is associated with Network drives.

    Is this computer on a network?

    If not you can disconnect from Network drives by right clicking My Computer and choosing that option.
  5. Sha129

    Sha129 Techie7 New Member


    Thanks for your reply. Actually, the game works when my daughter logs on to her screen name, it's just when I log onto mine, it doesn't work. I find this to be strange.