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Why, oh why is my CPU usage so HIGH?!

Discussion in 'Windows XP Help' started by Quimbly, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. Quimbly

    Quimbly Techie7 New Member

    I'm trying to figure out what's going on with my PC. It seems the CPU usage is WAY higher than it should be. I've been investigating, but can't figure it out.

    When I look at the CPU usage chart (or the little task manager CPU usage indicator in the system tray), the usage is way high. Close to 100% almost all of the time. Looking at the CPU usage chart on the performance tab of the Task Manager, I see that the CPU is often maxed out, and rarely (if ever) drops below 70%. This makes sense, as the general response of the computer is sluggish and way slower than it used to be. When I look at the 'Processes' tab of the Task Manager, however, it tells a different story. Here's a common glimpse into the CPU usage rates that I see (for example, as I type this message):
    System Idle Process: 80-99%
    taskmgr.exe 0-17%
    explorer: 0-20%
    CCAPP.EXE: 0%
    zlclient.exe: 0%
    And lots of others that never get above 0%

    To me, given these numbers, I would think that the usage chart would read differently, and my computer would actually respond promptly! But this is not the case.

    I've run a virus scan, I always have my firewall up (Zone Alarm), I ran a few different Spy/Adware scanners -- they all turned up nothing.

    The only software I've installed recently was Norton Antivirus. I was using AVG before. The thing is, I don't know if it's Norton or not. I don't see any of its processes show up high in the list of CPU usages, and the software worked very well for the first couple of months that I used it. So, why now?

    Anyway, if anyone has some suggestions on what might be going on, how I can further diagnose the probem, or what actions I can take to fix the problem, please share. Thank you!
  2. jephree

    jephree ¨*·.¸ «.·°·..·°·.» ¸.·*¨

    Is this a new problem? Any new hardware or software?

    If you reboot the computer does this happen instantly?

    You can stop things from starting via start/RUN msconfig | Startup

    I'd suggest start turning things off and note the difference.

    Both Zone Alarm and Norton are highly intensive/intrusive applications as far as XP is concerned.

    See what happens when you turn them off. Of course there is no need to be online when you do this.
  3. Kazna3

    Kazna3 Techie7 New Member

    I had this problem exactly and it was Norton and Zonealarm being the problem.

    Now I have avast! and AVG on (but I use avast! only) and still finding a personal firewall.

    Much better now, as my CPU is regularly at 20-30%, which is stable.

    I've also changed my paging file size to 250-1000MB on the main C drive.
    I switched off so many programs set to begin at startup that were hardly needed normally.
    Also programs such as Microsoft Office, Adobe take a massive chunk if loaded at startup - and unused.

    All this helped a lot for me!
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2006
  4. cyikes

    cyikes Techie7 New Member

    Microsoft Windows XP
    Version 2002
    Service Pack 3

    TinyXP Rev09 [1]
    Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU
    E4500 @ 2.20Ghz
    2.20 Ghz, 0.99GB of RAM
    Physical Address Extension

    guys help me pls. my PC is fine then i'm sleep, when im i saw my uncle playing warcraft. then i see he's lagging. after him i use it. then its totally lagging. so i restart it. in 1st it's just fine but maybe 1min higher its getting lag the warcraft not only the warcraft. even the internet. my uncle said that he just only clean the fan. after that its getting lag. sorry im not good in english. back to topic i remember my other uncle told me if the CPU usage is getting higher probably i have a virus. then ill check my task manager. then i saw my CPU usage getting 100%. any aplication i opened its getting higher. even the avgsrx.exe even if im not using AVG or scanning. sumtyms its said that avgsrx.exe = 80% up. the explorer too. i update all my scan and i try many anti virus. AVG, SPYBOT, MALWAREBYTES, AVAST, but its the same although the malwarebytes is not finish coz when im scanning my PC suddenly shutdown. my PC have a problem in the 1st place. my uncle told me that i need to buy a new power supply coz my power supply have a problem thats why my PC shutdown automatically and i cant use it longer.. guys help me pls how to solve this.. i dnt know if i have a virus trojan worm malware or what so ever. thnx by the way. my PC automatically shutdown is nothing to do w/ this problem.. pls help me guys i dnt know if its virus or etc

    my uncle remove my video card to be able i use my PC longer. coz if video card remove, the power supply less power consume.

    he said that the problem i countered like... its sounds machine gun... then BLUE SCREEN APPEARS tell that memory problem etc... talk to administrator
    its becoz my video card is remove.

    one thing
    not only the explorer.exe or avgsrx.exe

    all the application i use.. its easily going 100%

    i scan spybot.. spybotsd.exe = 40% up

    any application i use its always getting up even the warcraft
    help me pls T_T
  5. lostfragment

    lostfragment Techie7 New Member

    try using CCleaner. I had the same problem and it worked for me.
  6. tallin

    tallin Super Moderator Techie7 Moderator

    @ Quimby

    So we can take a look at a full overview of your system:

    Please Run a PCPitstop Full Test, here:

    Note: Vista users with UAC must first Right-click IE - Select "Run as Administrator"
    Register and create a password
    Accept the ActiveX component to allow your machine to run the Full Tests
    Registering and accepting the ActiveX are both SAFE and FREE.
    Full Tests is the sixth item in the left hand column of that page.

    The Full Tests take less than 5 minutes for most machines.
    Once you have your Results, please post the entire URL Link back here into this thread for review.

    Note: Vista users, please close your instance of IE "Running as Administrator" after you are finished reviewing your Results.

    Caution: During the testing of Video Adapter, a variety of patterns, shapes, colors and text are “flashed” onto the users monitor screen. In the many thousands of daily uses of the PCPitstop Full Tests over several years, two individuals who suffer epilepsy experienced discomfort and temporary dizziness when viewing the flashing patterns.
    If you know that you are susceptible to photo driven seizure, please look away from your screen during the Video Adapter testing sequence.
    Note: The PCPitstop Full Tests Results is a free service, but is supported by various paid product advertisements for utilities that "could" remedy the OP's problem.
    Since D-A-L is a "free-help" forum, we do not recommend or endorse purchase of automated utilities, and will assist you in manually correcting any problems and settings necessary to optimize your machine's performance. Ask your questions here. We'll help you walk through any necessary steps.

    @cyikes, if you wish you may also like to do the same as above.

    Post back with the results of youR PCPitstop scans for review.

    kind regards,