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Auto logoff after login - No XP CD to use to fix

Discussion in 'Windows XP Help' started by mat4ijo, May 14, 2006.

  1. mat4ijo

    mat4ijo Techie7 New Member

    Hi, I'm experiencing an automatic logoff almost immediately after selecting my profile on login screen. I was 'fixing' my girlfriends comp using ewido anti-malware and did a system scan - it had to clean up over 6,000 objects out of 180,000 which seems very high to me - some of the objects were embedded in other files and so it gave me the option to delete the file or leave it infected, so I deleted (this was only 2 or 3 files). I then stopped a few of the programs which begin automatically on start-up - I thought I'd only done the obvious ones which I knew what they were (kazaa, msn, etc) but can't be certain that I didn't assume something to be something its not.

    I've done a google search and it seems to be something to do with the file userinit.exe in system32 file - that could be wrong, I'm no expert. I thought it may be possible to simply run msconfig.exe in safe mode, but it won't even start in safe mode. If anyone knows anyway aside from the obvious that I may be able to get onto windows in safe mode please let me know.

    On a similar thread on this forum it seems to be fixable using the XP CD, but I won't be able to get my hands on this for a couple of days. (Im a uni student - PC at halls, CD at home)

    So until I get my CD - has anyone any alternative ideas????

    (i thought it may be fixable if i set up the hard-drive as a slave in my own computer but as I said i'm no expert and wouldn't know even how to do that.)

    Thanks in anticipation

  2. madmikejt12

    madmikejt12 Dedicated Member

    this would be your best bet.... its really easy as long as you get the jumpers right, this is the 1st thing i did to my computer...

    * Open Registry Editor on another computer and open the problem system's registry from across the network. Change the value of
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Winlogon\Userinit:Reg_SZ:C:\WINNT\system32\userinit.exe
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Winlogon\Userinit:Reg_SZ:userinit.exe.

    * If another volume in the computer has been assigned the drive letter of the previous boot volume, create the folder \Winnt\System32 on that volume and expand a copy of userinit.exe from the Windows CD to the folder.

    also, try this from microsoft: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;892893

    hope this helps
    Mike :)
  3. mat4ijo

    mat4ijo Techie7 New Member

    Thanks for the response. Unfortunately I still need more help ...

    I have attached the drive as a slave to my computer. I went to run and then typed 'regedit' but can't work out how to change to the other hard-drive (now named drive D). I guess its through 'file > Connect Network registry ...' but then it asks for the object name which I don't know what to put.

    The good news is that I now have an XP CD if that helps matters - Also I didn't quite understand the following part

    * If another volume in the computer has been assigned the drive letter of the previous boot volume, create the folder \Winnt\System32 on that volume and expand a copy of userinit.exe from the Windows CD to the folder.

    Could you please clarify - I had 2 hard drives in my PC. I took out my slave (D) and replaced it with my girlfriends only HDD (this was obviously in hers C drive but now became D in mine). Do I need to change anything??

    Thnak you again in anticipation
  4. madmikejt12

    madmikejt12 Dedicated Member

    with the xp disk, you have 2 options:
    first off put everything back to how it was
    Use Recovery Console to copy Userinit.exe to Wsaupdater.exe
    1. At the Recovery Console command prompt, type cd system32, and then press ENTER.
    2. Type copy userinit.exe wsaupdater.exe, and then press ENTER.
    3. Type exit, and then press ENTER.

    insert the disk and do a 'repair install':

    Hope this helps
    Mike :)
  5. mat4ijo

    mat4ijo Techie7 New Member

    OK, Back to square one

    Windows CD is scratched!!!

    So I've put the HDD back in as a slave

    Then Run "regedit"

    I then highlighted HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and clicked load hive. Went to My Computer > D Drive (the knackered one) > Windows > System32 > config > software and clicked load. I named the new hive/object blah and through that clicked the following in the left hand part of the regedit frame ...

    Microsoft > Windows NT > Current Version > Winlogon

    So here's the screen shot of what I get

    Is this how it should be???

    Do I need to change anything???

    (((if this looks as it should be then I suspect that the problem was that I disabled userinit as a startup process - If this is the case please let me know how to fix, pref without a Win XP CD but if its needed I can get my hands on an unscratched one in a couple of days)))

    Thanks again

  6. mat4ijo

    mat4ijo Techie7 New Member

    Further to the previous 2 posts

    I have managed to get the original XP CD - its unscratched and working!!!

    However just before running the recovery module with it I decided to search the whole drive (whilst hooked up as a slave HDD on my PC) for wsaupdater and its not found.

    Should I still go ahead with the previous recommendations or is it a different prob to earlier thought

    Sorry if this is a stupid question but I just can't see why replace a file that doesnt seem to exist - perhaps i haven't understood properly though
  7. mat4ijo

    mat4ijo Techie7 New Member

    Help installing XP - can't find CD key

    I have genuine version of XP

    Already have it installed on HDD but is knackered and logs out immediately after loggin in and I can't fix it. This HDD drive however works perfectly as slave to other HDDs so tried re-installing XP on old HDD which was lying about the house to have a fresh start and use this as the master.

    I haven't got / can't find the CD key though

    Tried THIS which searches old HDD for the key. However the key it gave still reqistered as invalid on the windows installation.

    Can you only install XP on one HDD???

    Is the program that I used (see link above) wrong???

    Any ideas welcome
  8. madmikejt12

    madmikejt12 Dedicated Member

    That is because it could be called 'userinit.exe'
    the wsaupdater file seems to be the userinit file but renamed by a virus (from what i remember reading)

    on the search, click all files and folders
    click more advanced options
    check the first 3 boxes (search system folders, search hidden files + folders and search subfolders)

    Hope this helps
    Mike :)
  9. jephree

    jephree ¨*·.¸ «.·°·..·°·.» ¸.·*¨

    Re: Help installing XP - can't find CD key

    You can only be using one key. If you go to reinstall XP onto a different motherboard for example you would need to call Microsoft and explain what you are doing.

    If you clone a hard drive only one will remain bootable. One XP key to one computer.

    I have never used that product you used it it appears to be a good program. Belarc will also show you your key although you would need to be on-line to scan the drive:


    All that being said I would add to your previous thread that wsaupdater is not an XP file. It is used by BlazeFind and may replace userinit.exe. I do not see it listed in your registry.

    I would suggest putting the problem drive back as Master and follow the following using the XP CD:

    If you cannot boot into Windows I would suggest first trying the Recovery Console:


    To try to fix the boot:

    Assuming that your XP is on C: then:



    then enter. After that completes type:


    then enter. After that completes type:

    BOOTCFG /rebuild

    then enter. After that completes type:


    then reboot.

    If in the process you are asked to run chkdsk say YES.

    Also after the BOOTCFG /rebuild you will be prompted to:

    1. Add installation to boot list? (Yes/No/All):
    2. Enter Load Identifier: (Custom description for an operating system loading from the Boot menu)
    3. Enter Operating System Load Options: (that is: /fastdetect)

    1. Yes
    2. XP
    3. /fastdetect

    If this fails you can run a Repair Install that will leave your data intact:


    (You would need your key for the Repair Install).
  10. mat4ijo

    mat4ijo Techie7 New Member

    Thanks everyone for the advice.

    Unfortunately I gave up on it last night and put in my dads old 20gig hdd as a master and am running the other as a slave. The fact that most of the games/applications etc will need reinstalling however, doesn't sit too keenly with me so I think I'll follow the advice from the previous post regarding the recovery module. (Not sure if I need it for running recovery with XP CD but I found the CD key anyway - the Microsoft sticker with the CDkey on it was stuck neatly on the top of the tower, HOW THE HELL DID I MISS THAT!!!!)

    Thanks again to jephree and madmike - I'll definately use this forum in the future although I'm not sure who I'll be able to help - maybe I'll just stick to the discussion forums
  11. jephree

    jephree ¨*·.¸ «.·°·..·°·.» ¸.·*¨

    Thanks for the thanks!

    The Recovery Console requires no key but a Repair or Clean Install will.

    Let us know how it goes.