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Outlook not picking up messages

Discussion in 'Desktop / Server Applications' started by dwjay, Aug 6, 2005.

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  1. dwjay

    dwjay Established Techie7 Member

    :confused: I have been running Outlook under XP but now each of the 4 e-mail acounts report "error" on send/receive and no messages are uploaded from the servers. My Hotmail account is still fully operational
    Test messages from Tools>accounts>Change are transmitted and received by the servers.
    The same situation exists for Outlook Express
    I am running Norton Anti-virus, AD-Aware SE, MS antispyware (beta) with Spybot on demand.
    The problem is not cured when ALL are turned off and a send receive executed.
    Any one have any ideas where I might start tryiny to fix this??

  2. DJNafey

    DJNafey UK site moderator

    I know that I have problems when I try to enable to email protection in Norton Anti-Virus. Even if you've disabled real-time file scanning in Norton Anti-Virus, you'll probably still find that it's checking your mail because it actually changes the server addresses and login details on your mail accounts. If you've recently switched on email protection and then found that you've got problems, go into the options for Norton Anti-Virus and switch off email scanning and then restart Outlook.

    Let us know if that helps :)
  3. DJNafey

    DJNafey UK site moderator

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