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half life 2, and counter strike source, crashes

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by clairelovestlc, Apr 8, 2005.

  1. clairelovestlc

    clairelovestlc Techie7 New Member

    I bought myself a nice new pc, and as an "investment" (as anyone whos read my previous threads knows)

    i decided to get half life 2 for it, but ive been having a few problems,
    i updated my drivers etc before installing it, and then installed and got on with playing and was rather impressed.

    untill it crashed that is, the screen went black, in hung on the loop of auditio it was playing, and well that was it, i had to manually reboot, when i restarted it got an error message about the graphics card not gettin enough power and it reducing its settings which it did several times( it said under troubleshooting that it may need an externail power supply if it isnt getting ample power)
    thsi happened quite a few times so i called evesham, and there sending an engeneer out monday.

    i also noticed that the first of the 2 graphics card was running at about 85 deg and the 2nd at about 80, the ambient temp was somewhere in the high 90's ( and rising)
    i rolled back to the earlier drivers which took the temps down to somewhere in the 70's and reduced all the praphics options to low within the game, which is making it crash less.

    but now after, i dunno 15 min of play ,screen goes black, "no digital imput" and i have to reboot, but i dontget the error message about not enuff power anymore.

    now my question is, will having this external power supply fitted to allow the graphics cards to have ample power fix this problem, or do i need to do somthing else to stop the game crashing, and is there anything else i need to instruct the tech guy to replace/ add/ fix when he comes out

    heres a quick pc spec incase u need it

    Evehsham Axis 64 SLi
    AMD Athlon 64 processor 3800+
    Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional Edition
    1GB dual channel DDR RAM (PC3200) 400MHz (2x512MB)
    250GB SATA 7200rpm Hard Drive with 16Mb Cache
    2 x 256MB DDR3 NVIDIA 6800GT PCI Express Graphics ( sli)

  2. AphJN

    AphJN Dedicated Member

    Those cards REQUIRE a 4pin power plug to just turn on by what I have read. (Nice cards, Damn fine if you ask me!) However, it sounds like Evehsham setup this system to not take the utmost of the cards. If you feel comfortable doing this, open the case and see if there is a power connector from the PSU connected to each card. If not, there is an issue, if so then it may be in the cards them selves.
  3. clairelovestlc

    clairelovestlc Techie7 New Member

    im happy to open it, up ,but ull need to explain in more detail what im looking for, where how big what colour lol...... even a little diagram?
  4. AphJN

    AphJN Dedicated Member

    at the back upper corner of the card (opposite the Video connections) is a black power connector. This should have 4 wires and either a black or white 4 pin power plug inserted for each card.
  5. clairelovestlc

    clairelovestlc Techie7 New Member

    hang on ill have a look
  6. clairelovestlc

    clairelovestlc Techie7 New Member

    ok so ive opened it up, and to save me asking questions again, and making it blaintently obvious i have no clue about the insides of pcs, ive taken a photo, which ill upload to a random site and post back, when i get it working
  7. clairelovestlc

    clairelovestlc Techie7 New Member


    ive included a few shots as they didnt come out very well... i presume its the big black connector at the back, but ti only comes off one graphics card, not both and its a blue connector, not black or white
  8. AphJN

    AphJN Dedicated Member

    I see the power connectors on the back of the cards. One looks like the manuals and specs, the other is a square instead of rectangular, but they both are plugged into the PSU as they should be. (Good photos tho!) The next thought is how much wattage is your PSU! I dont know what it should be for 2, I know what the recomendation is for one, 480. I would guess 560 for two. (P4/Athlon require min 300 just to power processor and MB, 400 to add HDD and other peripherals)
  9. clairelovestlc

    clairelovestlc Techie7 New Member

    errrrm, im not sure to be honist off the top my head how can i check?
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2005
  10. AphJN

    AphJN Dedicated Member

    Your computer should have either a list of what it came with including the PSU or the PSU itself will have it where you can see it.
  11. clairelovestlc

    clairelovestlc Techie7 New Member

    you'd think that wouldnt you! lol
    all i got is my invoice, which lists the pc spec, and that doesnt say, i think i have an idea of another wya to check tho

    on the inside, on those pics i showed u , big black box at the top left, thats the pcu isnt it?

    it syas on there 420w
  12. AphJN

    AphJN Dedicated Member

    Thats the PSU, and 420 is a scewtch on the low side for my taste. Wait for the engineer to get there and see what he says. I have a 550 at home and my video isnt as potent as yours. of course I cant run Half-Life2 either...so I guess its a wash for me.
  13. clairelovestlc

    clairelovestlc Techie7 New Member

    well my old system ran it fine ( or the demo anyway) so ive spend 2 n a bit grand ,and got a worse system than i had!!
  14. AphJN

    AphJN Dedicated Member

    I wouldnt say that, yours appears to be a "Kick'n" system, just has a few bugs to work out. Any high end gaming system will have that. You push the envelope and you are bound to get some paper cuts!
  15. clairelovestlc

    clairelovestlc Techie7 New Member

    lol! aslong as they fix it i dont mind, they just like taking there time about it
  16. clairelovestlc

    clairelovestlc Techie7 New Member

    oh yeah, and thanx for your help :)
  17. clairelovestlc

    clairelovestlc Techie7 New Member

    Ok so the technetium came out, has replaced both graphics card, spent an hour on the phone, because he was confused to one of his superiors. And decided to fit another fan....to then find he didnt have the right screws, so is coming back 2morrow....

    In the mean time im sitting here, with my pc in the middle of the room with the side case off and a fan on it (as recommended) and its still freezing in games my dads gone absolutely bananas (luckily he’s just got in a cab back to Scotland so its up to me to deal with Evesham, or he'd end up reaching down the phone line and killing someone

    im waiting for Evesham’s head supervising technician to call me back, and when he does, be basically gets the ultimatum, the system is fixed tomorrow, and it doesn’t crash again, and if it does, I want an entirely new system.

    the man who came out said he’s never seen a system of this spec in the "sleek" case, because it only has the psu fan and the fan under the hardrive so it would get 2 hot, it should be in the "decimator" case, because it has 4 fans and a temperature control thingy, so basically I want my system put into the case that it should be in,

    Typically when we ordered the system we asked about the "decimator case" and they said that the sleek case would be fine for our system, but could upgrade if we wanted to pay the extra £125 it costs, and said nothing about the fact they recommend it being in the decimator case because of heat.

    clairey the mildy agrivated fairy
  18. AphJN

    AphJN Dedicated Member

    Ok, so now that they have "Decimated" your experience...what are they REALLY going to do?

    If I read you message right, only a PSU fan, CPU Fan and one Inlet fan? How hot did the case get? You should have had temp alarms going off if it was too hot.
  19. clairelovestlc

    clairelovestlc Techie7 New Member

    i dont know im waititng for one the head men to call me,

    i got a psu fan, and the cpu fan, and errm thats it???. the case was geting about as hot as a radiator. the tekkie they sent out couldnt even replace the graphics cards straight way, despite the system only having been on less than and hour, ( and all i was doin was checking emails) because it was so hot.

    the graphics cards are quite cool atm (66deg, but its onlt been on about half hour, just checking emails no games, and has the side off and a desk fan on it)
    aparently the graphics card *can" run at uptop 127 at which point i get alarms, but hes still convinceed my problem is its overheating..

    he did nothing about my moniter problem or dvd drive not workingdespite me telling him, he also ignoired the fact that nividias moniter said the graphics card needed more power, not that it was 2 hot
    ( see attached image)

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  20. AphJN

    AphJN Dedicated Member

    Overheating will cause an excessive draw on power and have the card shutdown (increased resistance due to heat will also cause the system to think its not getting enough power...Very smart setup!)

    I would push for a new machine at this point. If you card is running 66deg C and can max out at 127 C, thats still too hot. My case does not get about 32deg C (wont allow it due to burnout concerns) I have 2 massive exhaust fans (600 CFM each) which sound like hurricane fans, but even over clocked from 2.8gh to 3.5gh my P4 doesnt budge past 40 C.

    Too much heat will cause the Processor and other components to wear out too fast. If its feeling like a radiator, then its too hot. (i use that test to find burned out PSUs!)