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  1. Brianboru
    Brianboru robinshukar
    Hi Robin, The first question is : What files do I add to a windows Xp disc install it on a Sata Drive, and how do I go about it.
    1. robinshukar
      Hi Brianboru,
      Sorry, I didn't get your question, can you please elaborate it. Are you asking me about the installation of sata drive or install anything else on sata drive.
      Nov 21, 2017 at 4:28 AM
  2. Quorate
    Quorate - Ask More Questions
  3. robinshukar
    Computer Tech Support | Computer Repair related problem! Just put your question and get online answer
  4. veinsa george
    veinsa george
    Strongmen Male Enhancement
  5. Snapdragon
    Win10, HP Envy notebook, Intel i5-6260U@1.8GHz Memory 8GB Malwarebytes Premium Kaspersky Total Security
  6. Lorean
  7. dellovy
    I have a passion for traveling and exploring.
  8. Sonali Lad
    Sonali Lad
    Online Shopping With Mirraw.com
  9. Hugmefashion
    When work is a plessure, life is a joy; When work is duty, life is slavery.
  10. Freecharge Offers
  11. Freecharge Offers
    Freecharge Offers
    Offerya.in-"We Care On Your Savings!!!" Coupons and Deals Website.
  12. Freecharge Offers
    Freecharge Offers
  13. Falcon79
    Falcon79 D-A-L
    Hi D-A-L. Can I change my username? Also, I cannot change my sig. I've contacted you & Techie7 already about these topics. Please reply when you can. Thank you.
  14. Taanya Rawat
    Taanya Rawat
    Online Shopping with IndiaRush
  15. aquantindia
    It is through truth and non-violence that one can have some glimpse og God.
  16. chicagomp
    live video streaming provider in Chicago
  17. marrylama
  18. Davidjp
    Windows 10
  19. imported_Andrea
    imported_Andrea broni
    Hi, is this where I post a PM? I apologize for not responding to the post I started about my mom's computer. I thought I had email alerts set up and since it's not mine I am not always near the computer. If you could please open back up the topic I would appreciate it so that I can attempt to fix this computer. I will start with the first steps you suggested.
  20. delta
    delta madmikejt12
    Mike, it's 10 years since we first met. Are you still around? Would like an update if possible. Dave