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  1. aquantindia
    It is through truth and non-violence that one can have some glimpse og God.
  2. chicagomp
    live video streaming provider in Chicago
  3. marrylama
  4. Davidjp
    Windows 10
  5. imported_Andrea
    imported_Andrea broni
    Hi, is this where I post a PM? I apologize for not responding to the post I started about my mom's computer. I thought I had email alerts set up and since it's not mine I am not always near the computer. If you could please open back up the topic I would appreciate it so that I can attempt to fix this computer. I will start with the first steps you suggested.
  6. delta
    delta madmikejt12
    Mike, it's 10 years since we first met. Are you still around? Would like an update if possible. Dave
  7. PcTestCard.com
    Great hobby in helping other with computer problems.
  8. azeemkhan
    Search engine optimization seo has become the greatest tool in the recent years to give aconsiderable growth to your online business website
  9. ramesh help
    ramesh help broni
    Bro, im sorry that i abandon the 2 topics.. I didnt realise that i did not update you on the matter. Please allow me to reply on the post and get things back to normal please?
  10. cyberwasp
    cyberwasp broni
    Broni. Am sorry I haven't gotten back to you regarding my friends problem with, "conduit." I to was having problems with my system which in the end had the same conduit problem. I ran malware bytes and so far have resolved my issue. Slow system. Will tackle my friends tomorrow. Thank you very much!
  11. jacksonpollock
  12. lakewooditsupport
    My name is Adam, I run a IT support business in the UK and thought I would join on here to pass on any knowledge and even gain some from the brilliant community you have here. I'm always happy to help with any questions. I love computers thats why I'm here.
  13. jim95
    jim95 Kazna3
    Hello Kazna
    Thank you for your message . I am writing to you the right way up now LOL - it has worked .
    I have kept your message together with ythe link for future reference
    Kind regards
  14. frankino
    frankino D-A-L
    I have just bought a HTC Desire HD. Can sync most things with my PC/laptop except Hotmail account. Can you help?
    I am running Windows Vista / Windows Explorer 9.
    Thanks in advance
  15. Oceana
    Oceana broni
    Thank U
  16. fjdb3
    fjdb3 djhobbes
    what was the name of the exe you renamed to stop the virus. I have the EXAct SAME PROBLEM!!
  17. thumudom
    I recently had to do a full restore to my computer and I'm reinstalling all the software. I've come across a problem. I have a multitude o Corel WordPerfect files that I use to be able to access them. Microsoft Work Word would automatically open them. Now I have lost that ability. I found a site that stated Uniblue Resitry Booster would open the files via Microsoft Work Word. Is this factual?
  18. jeanwhales123
    Australian Computer Doctors is an Australian owned company dedicated to providing the highest standards in home and office computer repair. We have award winning customer service, providing excellent Adelaide computer repair services.
  19. badman1066
    badman1066 hihui5

    Not sure how this thing works but i was reading howto fix flash.ocx request and i thought thismay help. This worked for me running VISTA

    First uninstall all adobe apps, then open IE in tool, go to advanced, now go to reset. FIRST MAKE NOT OF YOUR USER NAMES AND PASS WORDS, AS YOU WILL LOOSE THEM ON THE RESET.

    WHEN YOU HAVE RESET (you will need to reboot tomake the reset).

    once you have done this, reinstall adobe!!!

    I hope this helps, I know its frustrating getting the error message. I have tried all other ways but this was prvided by Microsoft support, even so i was not sure it woud work so i left the computer running for 3 hoursto defrag and nothing came up, so I assume it has worked.

  20. Wikety
    Wikety jephree
    Is jeph still alive?